Friday, August 12, 2011

My Favorite Gluten-Free Brands...

So I've recently had a couple of people asking me about eating gluten-free.  I frequently post reviews of foods I've tried, but this time I want to make a list of my favorite go to foods and brands.

Pasta - Tinkyada  hands down!  It can be found in some regular grocery stores and definitely in stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes.  Follow the directions when cooking.  If you cook it like I do regular pasta by throwing the pasta in the water and then putting on the stove to boil it won't come out right.

Bread - Rudi's Gluten Free.  Do not confuse with Udi's (nasty).  Rudi's Gluten Free is found in the freezer section.  It is a little harder to find.  Some regular grocery stores carry it and I've found that not all Whole Foods carry it either.  When you bring it home keep it in the freezer and toast it when you are ready to use.  It tastes just like regular bread.  If you don't toast it, the bread is very dry and falls apart easily.

Flour Mix - King Arthur's All Purpose Gluten free flour mix...this is better than having to mix your own flours and makes it much easier to follow regular recipes.

Cake Mix - King Arthur's Chocolate cake...OMG best cake ever and super, super moist.  I think this cake mix is good without frosting on it as well.  This is also a little harder to find in regular grocery stores.  But Whole Foods always has it.

Pretzels - Glutino  I have found this in pretty much any grocery store in the same section as the regular chips and pretzels, but sometimes in the gluten-free section.  Tastes just like regular pretzels.  My kids love them.

Crackers - Again, Glutino...The table crackers are a good substitute for saltines.

Pancakes - Gluten-Free Bisquick.  My kids love pancakes made with this mix too.

Pizza Crust - Udi's this time.  They make personal pizza sized crusts.  They are very good.  I think they would also make good bread for homemade paninis.  There are a lot of crust mixes out there, but I haven't tried any of them yet.  I'm lazy.

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