Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stimulate the economy with small businesses.

You have to be living in a cave if you haven't heard of all the "occupy" protests going on around the country.  Surely you know the economy is in a slump. If you really want to make a difference with the economy shop at small local businesses.  I have several friends who sell products from home and friends who make their own products to sell.  I would like to showcase them today.

With only 49 days left until Christmas, many of you are already thinking about holiday shopping.  Maybe you will consider one of these online shops instead of going to a big box store this year.

Heather Fraser makes cute hair things for girls.  I've known Heather forever.  We went to high school together.  Not only is she going to school, she is also a mom to two cute kids.  I don't have little girls, but if I did I would totally buy some of her things :)

Over at Heart Shaped Leaves you'll find my friend Samantha.   Samantha is one of those moms all other moms are envious of.  She is always doing some awesome project with her kids.  Samantha dreams of becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant.  She sells kids books to help her make that dream a reality.

Christina is an Army wife in Colorado.  She knits, crochets, and sews.  She also sells her handmade creations over at Pit Chick Fashions on Etsy.  She makes some nice, warm, thick scarfs for winter.  She also will customize colors for you.  I have mine in Michigan blue and gold :)  You can sometimes find coupon codes on her shop's facebook page or you can click on the picture below to go right to her shop.