Monday, November 15, 2010

More Gluten Free Product Reviews

I had the gluten-free macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight.  OH. MY. GOD. that stuff is seriously good.  It's expensive at around $3.50 for one serving, but if you are in need of some comfort food this is definitely what you are looking for.  I also love the cheese enchilada's.  Best enchilada's outside of an authentic mexican restaurant in my opinion.   I have the veggie burgers in my freezer, but haven't tried them yet.  They also make gluten free pizza's that I'm excited to try.

I've already reviewed the pretzels, which are delicious.  They now have pretzel sticks in addition to the traditional pretzel shapes.  I have since tried their original and vegetable crackers; also very delicious.   The original are a good substitute for saltine crackers.  I think the vegetable crackers would be good with some veggie or chive flavored cream cheese on them. 

Gluten Free Pantry products are also part of the Glutino family.  I have the all-purpose flour mix.  I use it for when a recipe calls for a small amount of flour and so far so good.

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crust
I did not care for Udi's white sandwich bread.  Did I review that already?  Anyway I picked up this pizza crust the other day and it is very, very good.  There are two personal sized pizza crusts in the package.  I think this would also be a good alternative for flour tortillas to make quesadilla's on and even a good choice for making a panini sandwich with the george foreman grill. 

Kettle Cuisine Soups
I tried both the chickenoodle soup  and the potato mushroom.  I was not at all impressed with this soup.  The package makes it sounds like they are made by a world famous soup chef so I expected more out of them.   The chicken noodle soup needed more noodles.  There was too much dark meat chicken and the base was very bland and watery tasting.   The Potato Mushroom was ok, but not great.  The potato part was actually very good, but the mushrooms were very rubbery.   I was very disappointed in this brand and will probably not try any of the other flavors.

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies
Not bad.  The dough is the consistency of sand.  You have to form the dough with your hands to get cookie shapes.  They dry out quickly after being removed from the oven and are crunchy like store bought cookies.  So, if you can look past that part they are actually not too bad.  I personally like soft and gooey cookies, but if I can't have Nestle Tollhouse these'll do.

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