Monday, November 16, 2009

Touch 'n Brush Review

I have two boys that are 6 and 10. It's amazing how much toothpaste two boys can get all over a bathroom. I've been envying the touch and brush for quite some time, but never wanted to take the plunge and risk $20 on it. I happened to see them for sale at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and decided to buy it from there because I could always return it if it turned out to be junk.

Let me just say this product ROCKS!!!! It is worth every penny. My only complaint is that I think it dispenses a little bit too much toothpaste. I really have nothing else bad to say about it. I haven't gone through an entire tube of toothpaste yet so I don't know if the touch 'n brush holds up to the claim that it gets all the toothpaste out, but my counter and walls are no longer painted in toothpaste. That's all that really matters to me.

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