Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday Breakfast

It's no secret that I'm lazy.  But, I like good homecooked breakfasts on the weekend.  Our newest favorite is waffles.  Have you ever stayed in a hotel that had waffles as part of their breakfast?  Well, I can make the same waffles for breakfast at home using the Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker and Golden Malted Waffle Mix.

The waffle maker is super easy to use.  It only takes about three minutes to make a waffle and the waffles are very thick.  One waffle is filling enough for breakfast.

 The waffle mix is delicious.  It is much better than any waffle mix you can buy in the stores.  As far as I know this mix can only be ordered from the company on the internet, but it is worth the price of shipping.  The recipe listed on the container will make 2 1/2 waffles with the above waffle maker.  So, if you're making waffles for a family you will need to double or triple the recipe.

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