Friday, January 1, 2010

The Drug Crazed 60s and 70s

If you don't already know, I am a huge fan of cookbooks.  I especially like old cookbooks.  I have a large collection of Betty Crocker and Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks from the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I am in the mood to clean out old clutter.  As a result, I thought perhaps I should pare down my cookbook collection.  I've been looking through some of them tonight which inspired this post.   I have written in the past about the horrors of the Jello cookbook.  Let me tell you Better Homes and Gardens really didn't do much better.  I truly believe the recipes in these cookbooks were the inspiration of a cook on acid.   I mean, do you want to have Golden Nugget Meat Pie for dinner tomorrow night?  I know I sure don't.  I didn't even look at the ingredients.  The name alone was enough to scare me away.  I have a JC Penney catalog from 1972 so I know for a fact that clothes designers were on acid.  Now I'm convinced that the cooks in test kitchens were too.  They had to be on some kind of drugs. 

I leave you with an example of a tasty 1967 treat from the Better Homes and Gardens Jiffy Cooking:

Deviled Ham Pie rates high as a luncheon dish.  Deviled ham is surrounded with pastry, then topped with asparagus spears.  Prepare easy cheese sauce from canned soup.   Yum.  I know I can't wait to try it.

So basically you put a pie crust in a pan, spread one 4 1/2 oz can of deviled ham on the bottom, top the ham with a 3oz can of mushrooms, then put another pie crust on top of the whole thing.  Bake for 15 minutes.   In the mean time heat up a 10oz package of frozen asparagus.  Also heat one 11oz can of cheddar cheese soup and 1/4 cup milk.   Arrange the asparagus in a spoke fashion on top of the pie and then cover with the cheese sauce.

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